Jenae Patrice Torres, LMFT
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
LMFT 118694

Language: English

• Anxiety
• Behavioral Concerns
• Depression
• Family Conflict
• Life Transitions
• Parenting & Co-Parenting
• School Issues


Conjoint Sessions
To focus on relationships such as co-parenting between separated or divorced couples

Family Sessions
For you and your loved one(s) (e.g. family or household member) who desire to come together in working together toward a common goal

Individual Sessions
For children, adolescents, and adults of all ages

Jenae’s passion lies in working with individuals, especially children and adolescents, to help them express thoughts and emotions in an adaptive manner. She also enjoys working with families to help strengthen and reinforce relationships, especially within the parent-child bond.

Jenae is experienced in providing crisis intervention and stabilization services, prevention and early intervention services, and community-based presentations.

Jenae is also employed at South Coast Community Services, where she provides clinic-based specialty community mental health services to children, adults, and their families.

• Master of Science, Marital and Family Therapy
• Bachelor of Science, Psychobiology

Purpose of Therapy
Therapy is an interactive experience where one has the opportunity to share their inner emotional experiences without fear of judgement. It is a space where clients can explore different aspects of themselves and truly uncover their potential.

How I Can Help
Making the choice to work with a therapist can feel overwhelming, but it can offer the opportunity for growth and self-discovery. Through my collaborative and empathetic approach, we can join together as a team to achieve your desired therapeutic goals. Different seasons of life bring new sets of challenges and it can be helpful to have a therapist walk alongside you as you navigate these.

My Approach to Helping
Change occurs through restoring or creating attachments and expressing unmet needs and fostering attachment.

My Role as Your Therapist
I provide validation for your emotional experiences to create safety and trust in the session. I have genuine compassion for people and this allows me to be invested in my clients. Once we have established a strong foundation, I can help you incorporate your strengths to cope with symptoms and/or stressors you are struggling with. I can provide coping tools that build on your strengths as well as help you gain insight into how your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors relate to the world around you.

My Therapy Approach
I am a person-centered therapist who works from an attachment framework. I integrate therapeutic tools from an array of therapy models while acknowledging how relationships influence emotions and behaviors. Every person who steps into the therapy room possesses unique strengths and I aim to provide interventions which match the individual’s needs.

Frequency of Therapy
After our initial intake session, we will usually meet one time weekly for 4-6 weeks. This allows us time to develop our therapeutic relationship and focus on relieving your most pressing symptoms. We will monitor your progress and determine if increasing time between sessions is appropriate. The extra week between sessions will give you opportunities to practice skills learned in sessions. As you begin to accomplish your goals in therapy, we may increase time between sessions until we end therapy.

Duration of Therapy
Therapy typically ends when you have met your treatment goals and you feel comfortable using newly learned coping strategies with consistency outside of the therapy room. However, you have the right to stop therapy at any time. No matter the length of therapy you received, you are always welcome to return for sessions as needed. Possible reasons to schedule a session might be that you are experiencing a new life transition or you simply need a reminder or check in session.