Richard Robert Barceleau, AMFT
Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist
AMFT 112501

Supervised by:
Danae Powers, LMFT
LMFT 52528

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909. 255. 1597

Language: English

• Anxiety
• Anger Management
• Behavioral Issues
• Bipolar Disorder
• Depression
• Domestic Violence
• Family Conflict
• Grief/Loss
• Oppositional Defiance
• Relationship Issues
• Trauma and PTSD


Individual Sessions
For adolescents and adults

Couple Sessions
For couples in any stage of their relationship to address the specific needs of their relationship

Family Sessions
For family or household members to strengthen their relationship bond and work together in achieving a common goal

• Cognitive-Behavioral (CBT)
• Person-Centered
• Strength-Based
• Trauma-Focused

“Every moment is a fresh beginning” – T.S. Eliot.

This quote is how I live my life and is the motivation that provides me with hope. Hope that I am being the best person I was designed to be and hope that I am providing my clients with this same hope. The hope that will allow them to see how each moment provides them with the opportunity to start over and change their story for the better.

With my education, I can provide my clients with a safe environment to deliver the best level of therapeutic care. I can be present for my clients, assist them with discovering their underlying issues, and guide them through the impairments that are causing them to not be able to live their life to their fullest potential.

I started my therapeutic journey at Santa Anita Family Service in Monrovia, CA [August 2017 – July 2018], (community mental health). I am also currently an Associate Therapist at Trinity Youth Services in El Monte, CA [December 2019 – Present], (Short Term Residential Therapeutic Program- focusing on youth on probation).

• Master of Arts, Marriage and Family Therapy – Specialty in Trauma Studies
• Bachelor of Arts, Sociology – Option in Law and Society

Purpose of Therapy
The purpose of therapy is to be able to process any issues related to mental health that is impairing your daily function within a safe and judgment-free environment.

How I Can Help
As your clinician, I provide you with a safe and judgment-free environment. In this environment, I take the time to build rapport with you and to design an individual treatment plan with you. I allow you time to process your issues at your own pace. This is so that you do not feel rushed nor feel that you are being pressured into sharing and processing something you are not ready for.

My Approach to Helping
My approach is a collaboration with you to remind you of your strengths, build on those strengths to improve your daily function, listen to you attentively, introduce you to coping skills, and assist you with problem-solving skills.

My Role as Your Therapist
• Active listening
• Assist you with effective communication of your feelings
• Assist you with affect problem-solving skills
• Introduce coping skills to better address your symptoms and behaviors
• Guide you through any crisis, when needed
• Help you to learn to accept and love yourself
• Help your reduce any shame about a mental health diagnosis

My Therapy Approach
My approach to therapy can be labeled as an integrative or holistic therapy approach. This means that I use different theories and interventions based on the individual client. Each client needs an individualized plan catered to them to increase their success in therapy.

Frequency of Therapy
I recommend that we meet once a week for the one to two months. During this time, we will build our therapeutic relationship and work on discovering your underlying issues. After this period, we will re-evaluate your progress in therapy and determine the appropriateness of meeting every two weeks. After making more progress in reaching your therapeutic goals, sessions may be moved to once every three to four weeks. This will continue until your goals are fully met and we end therapy.

Duration of Therapy
The client has the right to end therapy services at any time they wish. However, typically therapy services normally will end once the client has met and maintained their therapeutic goal. My clients who met their therapeutic goal are welcome to reinstate therapy sessions for continued maintenance or whenever they feel their daily functioning is being impaired.